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Rail-Com Systems

Every moment of cooperation with our partners and customer allows us to extend of our experiences which brings the new opportunities for meet customer's needs.

Welcome to
Rail-Com Systems

Our company was founded in November 2019 with the intention to offer technologically optimized solutions supported by more than 15 years experiences of company founders in the field of design, development, projection and project management of deliveries and applications in railway transport systems, communication technologies (radio communication technologies and data networks) and with the support of cooperating partners also in the field of industrial automation and control and in the field of system solutions for military.

Our story

The year 2019 was full of significant events and one such event was the establishment of Rail-Com Systems. As the founders of this company, we entered "the space" with a wealth of experience and the goal of creating modern, optimized and, most importantly, simple solutions for customers/partners in various fields.

The history of our company is not only what we have created before its foundation on previous major projects, but also what we have already created on current projects. If you look around you at passing vehicles, transport infrastructure equipment or on your mobile phone, you will see a "piece of us" there too, because we also do our part to create solutions and systems that you use or are used/integrated by other systems/technologies that, for example, can get us safely to our destination or allow us to stream your favourite radio to your mobile phone. That's what we are about... flexibility, professional and human approach with a lot of experience in different areas to create simple and optimal solutions.

What we do

We are a technological company offering application and system development (hardware and software solutions) for various industries and we offer:

  • Hardware and software - professional design and implementation in the field of industrial applications to mobile applications on the Android and iOS platform,
  • Projection and project management - project creation and professional project management and integration across platforms,
  • Digital Networking - customized conceptual solutions, integration of wired and wireless solutions, professional support,
  • Rail system solutions - infrastructure and on-board control and communication systems, metro and overland rail solutions,
  • System solutions for military - specialized certified and approved solutions, high performance computing units and specialized ruggedized computers,
  • Manufacturing of equipment for industrial and control systems - customized solutions, manufacturing of computers for industry, rail transport systems and military,
  • 3D modelling and printing - design and creation of 3D objects/models, printing on 3D printers with materials for general and industrial environments.

Mission and vision... strategy
... the future

Our mission and vision is to create "Simple, understandable and optimized solutions in cooperation with the customers" with using of modern value-added technologies for its long term sustainability in operation and possible future development in implementing the new functionalities and technologies. The primary strategy of our company is in monitoring of new technology trends in the area of our interest with subsequent analysis of their impact on the product portfolio and to acquire know-how for further development of key products in our business area.

"We can create the future, in products and systems, for the benefit of their full long-term sustainability, in cooperation with You - with our customers and partners."

Let's talk to each other

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Company headquarters

Rail-Com Systems s. r. o.
generála Svobody 764
Pardubice 533 51
Czech Republic